Bitcoin Price Defies Expectations says Cryptocoins News article by Jonathan Saewitz

In a recent Cryptocoins News article,  Jonathan Saewitz says that Bitcoin Price Defies Expectations.  


A more useful article might simply state that Bitcoin has gone up about 10,000% per year over the past 5 years.

Bitcoin Lady

Bitcoin Lady

I agree with the peanut gallery. Saewitz’s Cryptocoins article is not that helpful. It would be more helpful to point out that Bitcoin has had a simple pattern and nearly reliable pattern to note. Over the past 5 years, Bitcoin has had an approximately 3000% run-up about every 6-months. Each run-up been immediately followed by an approximately 50% correction.

We must also account for a long-term stabilization of Bitcoin, which means that the huge return on investment will be slightly less huge of a return per Bitcoin. The return will still be huge, as will the corresponding risk.

In a future post on the Bitcoin Blogs, we will see two secret words that will tell us when to buy and when to sell Bitcoin.

Corey Chambers, The Bitcoin Blogs