Bitcoin: Both Buffett and Andreessen are Right

Bitcoin: Both Buffett and Andreessen are right

Christopher Matthews of CNN Money has written that Warren Buffet and Marc Andreessen are both right although they seem diametrically opposed.  Matthew and CNN have got it right as well.

Matthews explains that Buffett and Andreessen are both very wealthy and successful investors (Buffet much wealthier than Andreessen) yet they have very different investment plans.  With higher risk and higher reward, Bitcoin fits Andreessen’s plan.  Andreessen is also the technology venture capital guru.  Warren is truly old-fashioned in most ways, and does not invest in risky ventures.  Buffett also is admittedly not into technology.

It fits that Bitcoin is ideal for high-risk, high-return technology investors.  Buffet is correct that Bitcoin is not a match for low-risk traditional investors.

As a computer programmer, economist and payment processing professional who loves new technology, my heart is firmly with Andreessen in this matter.  In fact, my calculations says that it is risky to not buy a small amount of Bitcoin, even for old-fashioned investors.  Losing out on a financial opportunity is a real type of loss.  Bitcoin is certainly worth researching for most investors.  The safe and smart thing for most is so buy as much Bitcoin as one can afford to lose.

Corey Chambers, The  Bitcoin Blogs