Bitcoin Investment Wealth

Bitcoin Investment Wealth

Congratulations to everyone who bought Bitcoin when I first suggested it in April 2013. Your $83 has now become more than $400.



Many have told me, “I don’t care about Bitcoin because I don’t know what Bitcoin is.” Understandable because Bitcoin is about computer programs and economics, two mind-numbingly tedious and dull topics to most people. I see now that Bitcoin will inevitably result in even more revenge of the nerds as programmers and computer geeks were among the first to start mining and buying Bitcoin. Many of them have already made a million, which will soon turn into billions, then the first Bitcoin trillionaire will follow.

I’m absolutely ecstatic about Bitcoin because I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a baby. It is always especially fun to be in the know about something that the general public does not know about, but it quickly becomes more fulfilling to share the information and eventually share the wealth.

Another interesting thing about Bitcoin is that it could cause the dollar and other currencies to crash and burn as more and more people catch on that they can use money that goes up in value instead of down because the government will find it difficult or impossible to devalue Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will hasten the decline of U.S. influence in the world, increase the economic power of individuals (especially those who mine or purchase Bitcoin before it becomes universally accepted), and will actually make it difficult for the U.S. and other countries to finance unnecessary wars.

Bitcoin will help change the political landscape of the U.S. and the world. The first supporters and early adopters of Bitcoin were disproportionally Libertarians like myself who want more independence from the government. In fact, so many Libertarians have mined and purchased Bitcoin that the Libertarian Party (already the fastest growing party) could gain the largest number of millionaires and billionaires, giving the Libertarian Party the edge in future elections and more power to rein in an overreaching government.

The best news is that the Bitcoin revolution has just begun. Bitcoin is not an old fashioned investment or a half-baked scheme. It is a limited digital currency with EXTREMELY HIGH INTRINSIC VALUE that is being used by thousands of new people per day. Bitcoin absolutely MUST go up to $10,000 per Bitcoin in a relatively short time in line with the liquidity that it will represent with increased use. We see nothing replacing Bitcoin soon, so load up on Bitcoin at or


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