Nick Szabo Not the Creator of Bitcoin

Nick Szabo Not the Creator of Bitcoin

 A quick glance is enough to see that Erik Sherman and Jack Grieve are off on their thesis about Satoshi Nakamoto being Nick Szabo.   Nakamoto does not share the quirky traits of Szabo.  Nakamoto does not make lists with commas followed by “, and”.  And Nakamoto does not use ” – – “.  Furthermore, a full-time blogger on many topics would obviously not be the focused developer of Bitcoin.

Not only is the linguistic study wrong, there is no other corroborating evidence that Szabo could be the creator of Bitcoin.  The Newsweek article, on the other hand, is more likely to be correct as it succinctly nails the background of Satoshi Nakamoto as the full-time computer programmer with not only the skills to create Bitcoin, but also the personal belief system and motivation.