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I’m a Downtown Los Angeles real estate professional, entrepreneur, Libertarian and economics buff. I have been investing in Bitcoin, and recently started mining. I’ve seen exciting results, and want to help others get started with Bitcoin.

Besides being a superior currency based on today’s digital technologies, Bitcoin is also an exciting new investment opportunity, and the future of payments and currencies.

I first hear about Bitcoin on CNBC television in 2008.  They mentioned it for just a few seconds, and I did not even hear or remember the name Bitcoin.  When they discussed it again nearly 4 years later, I heard, remembered and bought some Bitcoin.

I have had the opportunity to meet others who are interested in Bitcoin, economics and investments.  I’ve met some very impressive people such as Andreas M. Antonopoulos and other Bitcoin innovators.

Today as I write this blog, Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox is scaring everyone with their Bitcoin lockdown.

Mt Gox will probably never again be able to regain its title as top Bitcoin exchange, but it will survive and and swim out of its current drowning state.  Mt Gox’s whirlpool of death started a long time ago. Other Bitcoin exchanges and merchants are doing better than ever. Take every opportunity to buy low now and then start to sell high after Bitcoin begins to be mature. There is one simple word to watch for to determine when to sell. I will mention that one important word soon in my blogs.

Corey Chambers, The Bitcoin Blogs